Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer, has been the LifeStage Director at Envoy Financial for the past 18 years. Working with his wife Bethany they have provided retirement planning services to over 350 Christian and non-profit organizations. Their goal is to equip people to some day have their own self-funded ministry where a paycheck is no longer required from the church, mission, or non-profit organization.

Scott has also co-authored 5 books with his wife Bethany Palmer. They speak internationally about Love and Money and how couples can build a truly strong “Money Relationship”. They can be seen on ABC and Fox news networks on a regular basis helping couples discover how to bring their Love and Money together. They are know as “The Money Couple”.

Scott is a native of Colorado Springs and enjoys raising his two amazing son’s Cole and Cade! Bethany and Scott have been married for 16 years and are looking forward to another 50. They have attended New Life Church as a family for almost 14 years and have grown to truly love and appreciate their church family.


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